Lightning Damaged Trees

Did you know that oak, pine, and maple trees are among the top 5 trees most likely to be struck by lightning? What makes trees so susceptible to lightning strikes? Trees are typically the tallest structure in the landscape, ultimately attracting lightning directly to them.It’s important to remain mindful of a trees proximity to your …

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Is your tree dying?

An unhealthy tree poses a threat for falling.  Here’s what to look for: Poor foliage Gradual (or sudden) lean Pests investations Fungus – mushrooms, discoloration Brittle bark and cracks  An abundance of dead limbs Unsure? Call us today for a free assessment!  860-810-7161

Termites & Trees

Termites tend to attack dead wood. If a tree is inhabited by termites, it is indicative of an unhealthy tree. Termite infestations only worsen the condition of the tree, as they eat the unhealthy wood, expediting the decaying and rotting of the tree. A tree in such condition poses a significant increased risk of falling, jeopardizing …

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Why is it crucial that your tree service professionals are licensed and insured? 

Homeowners insurance might not pay for property damages. Reputable tree service companies use specialized equipment and take every precaution to ensure a branch from a tree they’re trimming doesn’t fall on a fence or through the roof of your home. Still, accidents can happen—even with the best companies—and your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover the …

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Meet Our New Chipper

Meet our new 19in. chipper, the Intimidator 19XPC! Featuring the quality and safety standards you can expect from Bandit Industries, this cutting edge machine boasts 10,000 pounds of pulling power!

Ground Protection

How do we work in the rain? We use ground protection mats to protect against rutting and damage that could be caused by weight. We use the highest quality machinery, applications and techniques to get your hazardous trees down safely!

Root Systems

Now is the perfect time to examine your yard after a few days of rain!

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