Why is it crucial that your tree service professionals are licensed and insured? 

Homeowners insurance might not pay for property damages.

Reputable tree service companies use specialized equipment and take every precaution to ensure a branch from a tree they’re trimming doesn’t fall on a fence or through the roof of your home. Still, accidents can happen—even with the best companies—and your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover the damages. Before hiring, find out if the company is insured and bonded to prevent any unexpected burdens to you and your own policy. 

You could be liable for injured workers.

A fall from a tree, an injury from a chainsaw, or a falling branch can result in hefty medical bills. If the tree-trimming company does not carry general liability insurance and workers’ compensation, the homeowner could be sued for the injured worker’s medical costs and lost wages. This risk alone should be reason enough for hiring only a licensed and insured tree service professional. If your tree service company is not fully insured with General Liability, Automobile and Worker’s Compensation you may be liable.

Ask these questions before hiring a tree trimmer:

  • Is the company licensed to do business in your community? Confirm their eligibility first. 
  • Does the company carry general liability, auto and workers’ comp policies? Ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance (COI).


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