Rae East Hampton

I had five very difficult trees to remove on my property. They were basically hanging off the edge of what some might consider a VERY steep hill, not to mention they were massive and if they went down they would 100% have hit my house.
I had five separate tree companies out to my house to look at cutting these trees and nobody would do it. Nobody could figure out HOW to do it is what I should say. I had Reggie come out to take a look assuming that he would tell me the same thing but he didn’t. Reggie and his crew were willing to take these trees down. That alone was a victory but the whole experience was so pleasant! Reggie and his crew are great guys who I absolutely trusted from the moment I met them, they are extremely knowledgeable very thorough and surprisingly quick!! It was impressive to watch them figure out how to take these trees down because it certainly was no easy feat.
Reggie gave me such a fair price and such a great experience. I would absolutely recommend Lazer Scapes to anybody looking for tree removal. If I could give more than the five stars I truly would. And I absolutely will be using them in the future!
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